Cupping Massage and Warming Infrared Therapy ~ Acupressure Treatments

A gentle and effective way to support, calm and re-balance the nervous system… body~heart~mind~spirit

Acupressure Massage

An ancient Japanese healing art based theoretically in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This treatment uses gentle, firm finger pressure on specific acupressure points and mindful meridian massage to stimulate and balance Qi flow.  Acupressure massage helps balance the flow of the body’s vital Qi energy while also inducing a pleasurable, deep relaxation and inner awareness promoting natural health and well-being while removing energy blockages as well as restoring health and vitality in body, mind, emotion and spirit. Working with somatics, body-heart-mind counselling and mindfulness this is an empowering process that facilitates integration of thought patterns, emotions, behaviour and physical symptoms while enhancing joy, compassion and being. Cupping massage, moxabustion and infrared heat are integrated into sessions as needed.

This zen style session is given by a Certified Acupressure Therapist on the massage table and can be done with comfortable clothing on or draped with linens. 
60 min $110 • 90 min $160 • 120 min $215

Solace Facial signature treatment

A facial renewal to nourish the soul. Our signature Solace facial includes a skin balancing aromatic steam and a complete Solace Facial Ritual: cleanse, exfoliate, tone, hydrate and balance. Followed with a neck, shoulder, arm and hand massage and our facial features our Solace Organic Skincare products infused with healing botanicals of Earth and Sea. Heavenly scents of lavender, jasmine, chamomile, rose and neroli harmonize your senses.  A facial mask will be selected by our facialist for your skin’s specific needs while you receive a arm and hand massage. The Solace facial features a unique facial massage, which specifically works meridians and acupressure points to balance facial skin and release tension in facial muscles thus helping to promote inner and outer beauty.
60 min $120 • express facial 30 min $70