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Solace offers a great selection of single note organic essential oils and synergetic aromatherapy blends. Essential oils are truly a gift from nature and their rarity and purity have made them valuable pathways to healing and revitalization across cultures throughout the world. From their use in ancient perfumes and religious rites to their current use in aromatherapy, these pure diffused oils are among the greatest gifts that nature has to offer.

every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.
~ gerard de nerval

Essential oils are derived from certain plants including flowers and trees. They are the vital essence of the plant from which they are distilled. This gives pure essential oils beautiful scents and unique vibrations that promote wellness and healing.

Each oil has its own unique vibrations and healing energies in addition to their powerfully therapeutic scents. A single whiff of an essential oil is often enough to transport a person to a place of Solace: comfort and peace. Our sense of smell is our strongest sense, and we suggest that the scent you are drawn to is the one for you. When you smell a therapeutic grade essential oil, your spirit will be uplifted and your body revitalized.

Pure essential oils are concentrated and powerful. they can be diluted for massage, diffuser use or added to a bath or steam shower, used in diffusers or on a hot compress.

Please read The Ultimate Guide to Essential Oils.

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