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Kimono ~ sublime


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Japanese Kimonos are one of the world’s most luxurious clothing items. These vintage Japanese kimono silk jackets are luxurious to wear in every way. Each piece has been made by hand and no two are alike. These are an easy to wear short jacket.

Light grey/purple with subtle embroidered grey leaves.
Condition: Almost new.
Little to no marks 
Size: Western L
Material: 100% Silk 

Slight imperfections are natural and to be expected and each one has been carefully selected with no noticeable or large stains or markings. They will be lightly pressed but will most likely need a short steam when they arrive. Alternatively, you can iron on a low setting.

Here are some basic instructions:


1. Pre heat iron on low setting. 2. Place Kimono back with pattern side up on a clean ironing board. 3. Place a clean white tea towel or pillow case over the section of the kimono you want to press. Use a thin material made of cotton. (No synthetics) 4. Iron a small section and see if the temperature is high enough to take out the wrinkles. If yes, continue with the whole garment. If not, increase temperature slowly until the wrinkles can be effectively removed. It is important to iron on the lowest setting possible, as to avoid burning or damaging the silk. * I don’t recommend using the steam function on an iron because all too often you can get water drops or an uneven spray that can cause water marking.


Pre heat steamer on low. Double check that there is no to minimal water dripping (this can cause water marks on the garment) 1. Hang kimono right side up on a secure hook or rack 2. Press steamer head against the inside of the fabric. Tilt the fabric upwards, so the steam can effectively rise up. Repeat until wrinkle free. Allow to fully dry before taking down. Care Instructions and tips 1. Avoid contact with liquids whenever possible. This keeps the silk looking even and unmarked. 2. Do not come in contact with oils. They are difficult to remove. 3. If Kimono comes in contact with light dust or powders wipe clean with a damp cloth (not wet) 4. Dry clean when required. 5. Never hand wash or machine wash a kimono. This will damage the garment beyond repair. 6. Store in a clean and dry place.

Never pack away damp. With proper care, you can enjoy your kimono for a lifetime.

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