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Aromatherapy Hydrosol ~ Rose



Rose Hydrosol is one of our favourites! The ageless essence of rose is used typically for older, mature skin types..whether it is dry, mature or sensitive. Helps to reduce broken thread veins. Very hydrating. Is a great humectant and is mildly astringent.  Rose hydrosol is a wonderful toner for all skin types, especially dry. It has a divine aromatherapy and is also sensual in essence. 4 oz. 

Hydrosols or herbal distillate are the bi-product of distillation when plants are steam-distilled to release their essential oil. Hydrosol simply means, hydro or water and sol or solution, that is, the water solution that contains some of the water-soluble micro-molecules of essential oil as well as water-soluble plant components. These micro-molecules of essential oil give the hydrosol its scent and the plant components give the hydrosol its herbal or floral therapy.

Remember that hydrosols are not just misters, water to which essential oils have been added. Hydrosols are a unique product, a true part of distillation and cannot be manufactured synthetically. The micro-drops of essential oil are left intact in the hydrosol. They are used 100% pure as they come out of the still with a strong taste, strong scent and a perfect acid balance of 5.5 –to match human skin. 

Our aromatherapy organic hydrosols are 100% pure botanical extracts for natural skin care. Neroli is calming yet uplifting, refreshing, restoring, helps to balance the skin by boosting the flow of blood and controlling water retention. Beneficial for any skin type but especially oily, acne and combination skin. 

Hydrosols are among the gentlest and safest aromatics for use in caring for your complexion. We use them as toners, refreshing “spritzers” during the day to revive your make-up and your spirit, soothing and calming anti-inflammatories to ease the redness of rosacea or sunburn, or gentle anti-bacterials to help calm troubled skin and acne. Use your favorite hydrosol as the water portion of a simple clay mask, or to remove a mask.

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