Apothecary: Skin Ritual

Skin Ritual

Organic Aromatherapy Skincare

Solace Organic Spa appreciates having their own organic skincare product line that has been very well received, locally formulated and produced, slowly evolving since 1997. Ethically sourced ingredients and quality infusions and extracts, we give you pure and simple aromatherapy facial care products. Everything Solace Spa does is in the interest of fostering natural well-being, from our ecologically and ethically conscious methods of sourcing 100% therapeutic grade essential oils and ingredients to our small batch locally made processes. Integrating luxurious and simple skincare into healing arts and spa treatments at the spa to help others nourish themselves naturally was how the spa evolved in 2004. We stand proudly by our natural aromatherapy skin care products, knowing that their purity and craft are helping people to nurture their health and inner and outer beauty as well as inspiring them to recognize and nourish beauty and well-being in others. We also take pride in supporting fair trade and sustainable practices. We are grateful for your interest in organic and natural skin care and thankful that our small business continues to grow making a difference in our customers well being and the earth we share.

Sore Muscle Liniment

Sore Muscle Liniment

A warming herbal extract with infused oils of arnica, nettle and sesame oil that helps to increase circulation and promote healing recovery in the body. It can be rubbed into the skin and is effective in aiding strained and sore muscles, ligaments, bruises, arthritis and inflammations.  The sesame oil base helps bring the medicinal properties under the skin and into the deep tissue of the affected area. It has a lovely consistency to be used for a deep tissue massage cream.

(4 oz.)


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