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natural loofa

natural loofa

A loofah is made from a dried tropical fruit called genus luffs and used as an exfiliating body sponge.

Follow these easy guidelines to make the best use of this lovely bath accessory. Wet the loofah thoroughly with warm water once you get in the shower. Gently squeeze it with your hands to soften it slightly. Pour some shower gel over the loofah and make a rich lather by using your hands. Shower Gel is used by most people for best results but you can also use a soap bar. The exfoliating process starts when you scrub your body parts by using the soap laden loofah in circular motions with the right amount of pressure to get rid of the dead cells. Start from your neck, shoulders, back, abdomen, arms and legs all the way to your feet. However, don’t rub the sponge too roughly or you might damage your skin. Also, don’t use it on wounds. Use a different loofa for your feet. Heels, elbows and knees tend to have dry and rough skin. Scrub these areas firmly. In case you are planning to use a loofah on your face as well, keep another loofah. Do not use the same sponge on your body and face. After you are done scrubbing, wash away the soap on your body with cold or warm water to tighten the pores opened during exfoliation. Follow with a moisturizer. Do not forget to rinse the loofah properly with warm water after each use to remove the soap as well as the skin cells it wiped away from your body. Remove the excess water by gently wringing it and let it completely dry on a hook, otherwise bacteria can be formed inside rendering it of no use. In the absence of a hook, keep it on a rack and ensure that the fibers completely dry up. If you are using a loofah every day, replace it every 4-6 weeks for effective results and to avoid the growth of bacteria within.

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