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Solace Facial

A facial renewal to nourish the soul. The wholistic Solace facial features a unique facial Japanese style massage, which specifically works meridians and acupressure points and lymphatic facial massage to stimulate skin renewal and release tension in facial muscles thus helping to promote inner and outer beauty. Our signature Solace facial includes a skin balancing aromatic steam and a complete Solace Facial Ritual: cleanse, exfoliate, tone, hydrate and balance featuring our Solace Organic Skincare products infused with healing botanicals of Earth and Sea and therapeutic aromatherapy essential oils. Followed with a neck, shoulder, arm and hand massage heavenly scents of lavender, jasmine, chamomile, rose and neroli harmonize your senses.  
60 min $140 

Enhance your facial with an extra:

Earth & Sea Stone Facial

Our signature, balancing and luxurious Earth & Sea stone facial treatment begins with an aromatherapy facial steam. Ocean Botanical Mud Stones, made especially for your facial provide ocean minerals while soothing your skin as they are used to gently massage your face. Followed by our Earth & Sea facial massage with soothing sensations of warm & cool marble, basalt and rose quartz that invoke healing, renewal and balance.

Feel the thermo therapeutic qualities of warm and cool stones placed on specific pressure points and chakras to invite harmony. The complete Solace Facial Ritual: cleanse, exfoliate, tone, hydrate and balance with our featured Solace Organic Skincare made from botanicals of Earth & Sea. A soothing warm ocean stone massage of the arms, hands, neck and shoulders. 
60 min $165


Salt Spring Glow

Begin with a sea salt foot glow while enjoying a warm mineral foot soak, followed by an invigorating complete sea salt exfoliation with our Salt Spring Glow Body Scrub made with locally harvested Canadian Pacific and Salish Sea Salt and luxurious warm aromatic towels. Body glows offer gentle exfoliation, stimulate circulation and result in smooth renewed skin. Then enjoy an aromatherapy shower to prepare for your full body massage with warm nourishing botanical oils. Recommended for dry skin.
90 min $215

Salt Spring Steam

Begin with a full body dry brush to stimulate your circulation and lymphatic system and a one hour aromatherapy massage. Following, you will enjoy a hydrating and cooling facial mask, neck and scalp massage while your body relaxes on the massage table with complete privacy under the steam canopy. This deeply relaxing and therapeutic session is beneficial for purified and revitalized skin, detoxification, stress relief, joint/muscle pain, immune system boosting, improved circulation, reduced inflammation. We use fresh coastal Cedar for the steam.
90 min $215

Enhance your Solace Skin treatments with Thalassotherapy

Thalassotherapy, from the Greek thalasso meaning ‘sea’ and therapia meaning ‘treatment’, uses the healing and beneficial properties of the sea and the marine environment for your health, skincare and wellbeing.


Ocean Stone Massage

This memorable and warm soothing treatment combines the thermo-therapeutic qualities of hot basalt and cool marble stones, handpicked from the shores of the west coast, combined with soothing deep flow massage. A full body, deeply soothing massage experience. You are also given a choice of our synergetic aromatherapy oil blend.
90 min $215


“Soothe your Soul” Pedicure

Give your dancing feet a rest in our Signature mineral aromatic foot soak. Enjoy a luxurious and therapeutic foot massage. Surrender in solace as we care, clean, buff and polish your feet to perfection. LCN and C.M.P. certified practitioners. We use SpaRitual vegan, eco-friendly, biodegradable nail lacquers, which are DBP, formaldehyde & toluene-free.
60 min $85 
add mini-reflexology foot massage 30 min $60

All sessions begin with a warm aromatherapy mineral foot soak.

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