Solace Skin

Salt Spring Glow signature treatment 

Beginning with a full body 75 min. massage with synergetic aromatherapy oils. You are then scrubbed with our luxurious Salt Spring Glow Body Scrub, an invigorating sea salt exfoliation made with locally harvested Salish Sea Salt and skin nourishing botanical oils, followed by warm aromatic towels. Body glows offer gentle exfoliation, stimulate circulation and result in smooth renewed skin. You then enjoy an aromatherapy shower and leave feeling revitalized, relaxed and cleansed. Recommended seasonally, especially for dry skin.
90 min $195 

Salt Spring Steam signature treatment

Begin with a full body dry brush to stimulate your circulation and lymphatic system and a 60 min aromatherapy massage. Following, you will enjoy a hydrating and cooling facial mask, neck and scalp massage while your body relaxes on the massage table with complete privacy under the steam canopy. This deeply relaxing and therapeutic session is beneficial for purified and revitalized skin, detoxification, stress relief, joint/muscle pain, immune system boosting, improved circulation, reduced inflammation. We use fresh coastal Cedar for your steam and at times can combine other fresh beneficial herbal ingredients from our spa garden.
90 min $195

Thalassotherapy, from the Greek thalasso meaning ‘sea’ and therapia meaning ‘treatment’, uses the healing and beneficial properties of the sea and the marine environment for your health, skincare and wellbeing.

+ add Laminaria Seaweed Body Wrap, 100 % from marine origin and containing two healing ocean algae: Laminaria and Lithothamnium is effective for restoring well being, sliming, toning and softening the skin…providing magnesium, sea minerals and trace elements.
$65 allow 20 min extra for application

+ add Heating Marine Mud Body Wrap, Contains marine silt, marine clay and micronized algae, rich in trace elements due to the high mineral content of sea water. Detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, relaxing, pain relief and cellulite controlling properties.
$65 allow 20 min extra for application

+ add Glacial Marine Mask, Sustainably hand-harvested from a pristine estuary on a remote inlet on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada – unlike any other, it comes from beneath an active glacier. Solar-dried, this glacial clay is composed of over 50 rare earth minerals and elements, providing detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties.                                              $65 allow 15 min extra for application

Botanical Back Glow

Pure & Simple. We have blended the pure ingredients of Earth & Sea and essential oils to balance your skin simply with our Solace Spa cleanser and back exfoliation, Marine Mud or Laminaria Seaweed Masque, Sea minerals and Hydrosol toner finished with our light moisturizer. This back facial includes an aromatherapy steam to open pores and activate products and of course a relaxation back, neck and shoulders and arm massage.
60 min $145

Dry Brush

Add on a 15 min full body dry brushing to your session to stimulate circulation and exfoliate dry skin.
15 min $30

All sessions begin with a warm aromatherapy mineral foot soak.