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Solace Spa Ritual: Hydrotherapy

Welcome to our forest hydrotherapy circuit, where we aim to provide moments of healing with elements of nature, comfort, simplicity and tranquility. You will experience complete privacy as each booking is prepared just for you. 

Solace Organic Spa Ritual Hydrotherapy Circuit

Hot, Cold, Relax & Repeat

An ancient ritual dating back thousands of years, hydrotherapy is an effective way of releasing tensions in the mind and body. The cycle of hot, cold and relax is both energizing and relaxing. It improves blood circulation and activates the lymphatic system to aid detoxification. The use of cold water therapy helps to reset your nervous system and encourages you to use your breath to re-calibrate with the elements. It also actively promotes the release of endorphins creating a renewing and balancing sense of calm for body, mind and heart.

Our Infrared Sauna is clinically proven for optimal health benefits and features low EMF far infrared as well as low EMF full spectrum. Our cedar cold plunge is a therapeutic cold of 12 degrees.. A healing and relaxing natural setting is yours to enjoy privately in blissful solitude or with a friend. We provide you with spa robes, spa footwear, towels, water, tea and fruit, Solace Organic Spa products, essential oils diffused, medical grade chromotherapy and surround sound stereo. 

This is a private experience with only a few bookings available per day. We recommend booking well in advance.

Single Spa Ritual Sessions
90 minutes • $80 per person
120 minutes • $100 per person

Spa Ritual Local’s Pass
5 x 90min sessions • $325 per person
5 x 2hr sessions • $425 per person

Evening Spa Ritual
2.5 hours • $120 per person
5:30 — 8:00pm

Add-On Fire Table Ambience
$20 (eco fee)

Spa & Dine to extend your sensory experience!

Recommended for the 2.5 hour Evening Spa Ritual session — or if it is warm enough to enjoy in the courtyard before or after your session time.

*NOTE: For groups over 3 people we require you to also book treatments, so we can cater to your group exclusively for the duration of your stay and not disturb other guests. You could also book our evening spa ritual with up to 4 people. Please see: Spa Parties

Hydrotherapy Circuit: HOT


The first stage increases your body’s core temperature, dilating blood vessels on the skin’s surface, reducing blood pressure and increasing circulation to the skin and muscles. This increase in body temperature causes considerable perspiration, which helps cleanse the skin, purify the body’s energy and invokes a state of calm and introspection.

Heat up for 10-15 minutes in our:
Forest Hot Tub
Infrared Sauna with Chromotherapy

Hydrotherapy Circuit: COLD


The second stage closes the pores of the skin, thus deepening the heat from the hot stage. A dip in the cold plunge helps to release endorphins and increase your heart rate. This very refreshing experience promotes a shift in blood pressure, encouraging the body to flush toxins and release muscle tension. This stage is where you will receive the most benefit of the hot, cold and relax cycle.

Chill a few seconds in our:
Cedar Cold Plunge 

Hydrotherapy Circuit: RELAX


The final stage in the circuit allows the cardiovascular system and nervous system to regulate itself. After spending time in hot and cold environments, it is recommend to rest the body to help stabilize blood flow and heart rate. This is a time for body and mind to rest and relax. You may want to bring a book, meditate or just lounge and do nothing. Then REPEAT the hydrotherapy circuit.

Indulge for 10-15 minutes in our:
Forest Spa Lounge

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