Solace Organic Spa

Solace Kids & Teens

Solace Kids & Teens can choose off our special kids & teen spa menu and we will customize your session especially for you.

Solace Massage • 30 min $50 • 60 min $100 
Neck & Shoulder Release • 30 min $50  
Face, Head & Scalp Massage  • 30 min $50

Mini Acupressure or Shiatsu • 30 min $50
Mini Solace Facial • 30 min $55
Mini Solace Glow • 30 min $55 
Mini Botanical Back Glow with Steam and Mask  30 min $55
Mini Reflexology with seaweed exfoliation • 30 min $50 
Mini Manicure • 30 min $45
Mini Soul Pedicure • 30 min $45

Children under 12 years are welcome to book spa sessions accompanied by a parent.

Family Spa-ing Together

At Solace Organic Spa we have the perfect environment for families spa-ing together. Over the years, especially on Spring Break and Summer Holiday we have noticed Family Spa Dates becoming more popular as we find creative ways to welcome the whole family on holiday to engage in activities together. We offer a special kid & teen spa menu which is also popular for spa parties, birthday celebrations and private family spa retreats!

Although spa’s have traditionally been for grown-ups, we inspire children and teens to participate in eating a healthy well-balanced diet and we like to work with their encouraging parents to teach sophisticated spa, health, wellness and beauty habits.

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