Solace Yoga

Add a private yoga instruction to your spa or overnight retreat experience.

Whether booking a massage or spa treatment, your yoga practice will gain some insightful learning unique to you! Solace offers Private Therapeutic Yoga sessions and can be for any level of Yoga experience and even if you have not done any yoga before.

The practice of yoga and meditation teaches us to connect our heart with our body and our mind. Through this union, we grow the capacity to be more present with ourselves and with the world. We learn how to trust our experience, and how to surrender to our life as it is, moment to moment.

If you have any health concerns you should inquire with your doctor prior to booking.

Becky Pilon, Yoga and Meditation 

Becky has been teaching yoga and meditation for over 10 years.  Her practice has allowed her to ground, stand
tall and go inward to see true beauty. She combines creativeness with spirit and is inspired
to challenge others in the same way. She seeks to assist others in deepening their practice
and live life from the heart. Calming and centering the mind and soul so the body can
synchronize and communicate from a place of balance and understanding.
Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin and Meditation classes are her main focus.

Private classes at Solace Organic Spa (2 people max) $95 class/by appointment                                                      

*Enjoy a private Spa Ritual: Infrared Sauna and Forest Hot Tub after class (+$25 per person)

Lotus Head Massage 

A sacred Indian head massage ritual. Traditional marma points, deep flow soothing massage releasing tension in the neck, shoulders, upper back, head, scalp and face. Solace Spa’s aromatherapy chakra oils anoint and give a sublime awakening to your senses while your somatically guided into meditation. This transformative massage offers many health benefits, including the cleansing and balancing of the upper chakras, and it provides healing on the emotional, spiritual and physical levels. Note: This is done seated in a regular chair and can even be booked outdoors in our spa garden. If you would rather be laying down please book our add-on head and scalp massage with another treatment.
Add on to yoga class •  30 min (seated) $60