January acupuncture + spa 2 for 1

A special January spa wellness offering we are featuring 2 for 1 acupuncture 60 min side by side with your friend, covered by most health insurance benefits! The special rate is only available mid week, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and you must come together. We set up two treatment tables and you enjoy the acupuncture together. We also suggest that you add a spa ritual: infrared sauna and forest spa to your experience at the spa!

Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine that has been practiced for centuries. It’s based on the theory that energy, called qi, flows through and around your body along pathways called meridians. Illness occurs when something blocks or unbalances your Qi . Acupuncture is a way to unblock or influence Qi and help it flow back into balance. Acupuncture is done by putting very thin needles into your skin at certain points on your body and is very effective for treating pain, most internal conditions as well as relieving stress and anxiety.
60 min $110

Facial Rejuvination Acupuncture
Facial Rejuvination acupuncture, also known as cosmetic acupuncture, is a natural and effective way to ensure vibrant aging. Hair thin acupuncture needles are inserted in specific locations on the face, ears, neck, hands and feet and the treatment is very relaxing. The benefits include: stimulating collagen production, brightening and glowing skin, rehydrating dry skin, tone and tighten facial muscles, soften lines and wrinkles, reduce puffiness. Facial cupping massage and Gua Sha massage is also incorporated, using a gentle rose quartz and jade stone tool, and is very helpful to detoxify, tone, fight signs of aging and give a natural glow. Complete with aromatherapy warm towels.
60 min $120

* we may continue this version of community acupuncture sharing based on the January experience!